Saturday, February 6, 2016

Feb.10 - Apr 14, 2016 Teaching Peace in Schools Course: Peace Alliance/NACRJ

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"It will be a chance to really learn more about all this work, and how each of us can get involved in making a difference! Learn more and register here.

Peace Alliance
National Association of Community and Restorative Justice

Feb. 1 & Feb. 3, 2016: Teaching Peace in Schools Summit: Peace Alliance/NACRJ

2-1-16: Dominic Barter and CamishaFatima Gentry and excellent host, Molly Rowan Leach
"Here's a little snippet. When one of our participants asked a question about how restorative processes work for teachers and administrators who have a primary job of maintaining control in schools, guest speaker Dominic Barter spoke about how a restorative systems approach might look at the issue:
“As a teacher and someone who spends a lot of time with folks who teach and direct schools, I have seen so many examples of this extraordinary sense of liberation when people stop trying to manage other people’s behaviors, stop seeing conflict as something negative that needs to be resolved or marginalized or shut down, and actually discover this extraordinary sense of well-being and satisfaction and contribution that they get when they are no longer controlling people but actually creating the conditions for people to work out what kind of school society and what kind of wider society do they want themselves. And when they do that, people don’t want to treat each other badly. They want to live in relationships of trust. They want to establish that kind of basic community well-being... its a beautiful experience for a teacher to realize that they can get some of that, that they were hoping for, that original dream that led them into the profession in the first place — and let’s face it, it’s a really, really tough job — they can get some of that dream back. In fact when they try and control a little less, they find that the order works out for itself.” 
2-3-16: U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan and Jim & Jori Manske.
Last night's session with Congressman Tim Ryan and Jim and Jori Manske was a profound conversation (listen to the end, it only got more inspiring as it went along).
Apology for the technical glitches at the beginning. Luckily, most of it is recorded to hear now (sadly, a few minutes of Congressman Ryan's talk did not get recorded properly, but there is still plenty of great sharing from him)."

The Peace Alliance
National Association of Community and Restorative Justice

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What to do in an active shooter situation

What you should do in an active shooter situation. (AP)

What to do in an active shooter situation

While your chances of encountering a shooting are small, be prepared with this expert advice.  'Run. Hide. Fight.' »

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Steve Ritz: food insecurity - gardening; class attendance 43% to 93% 3 min. video

His school had lots of poverty and *lots* of really hungry kids. So he decided to create a curriculum around healthy eating and gardening — and hasn't looked back since.
It's amazing what accomplishing something can do for a kid's self-esteem.|By Adam Mordecai

Friday, October 2, 2015

You are the first responder: includes 2:55 video

You are the first responder! This training will change the way you feel about your safety forever.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October: Bullying Prevention & Awareness Month

Go to the NC Center for Safer Schools’ website. and our Twitter account: @NCSaferSchools: feature several items for Bullying Prevention month, including a link to Bullying Prevention Awareness packet, a brochure, the Governor’s Proclamation.

Please comment on NCCSS' Twitter page: one of those messages is shared each day.

Bullying Prevention Materials/Resources 2014
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